Needs Assessment/Software Demonstration

The main priority of Software Consultants is to make sure you fully understand if construction management technology will help your construction or service business.   In today’s competitive environment, many contractors are embracing how the right system and implementation services can help them get the edge they need.   A thorough assessment of your needs with an experienced consultant will uncover which existing processes and workflows can be improved, how much automated construction reporting fits your business and what other ideas and concepts are being used by others in your industry to improve integration, save time and increase profitability.  By the end of our assessment together, you will have the information to better understand the impact a new system could have on your business.

What you get with our onsite/online complimentary 2 hour needs assessment & demonstration;

  • An unbiased perspective and consultative approach from a business owner that has 25 years of experience in the construction technology industry  
  • A best fit/value opinion – Unlike most other vendors, we are a local company that has multiple solutions and is not afraid to recommend other solutions if we are not a great fit to meet your specific needs
  • Thorough assessment uncovering areas of improvement and the impact of solving those problems
  • Detailed review of your specific needs unique to your staff, workflows and reporting requirements
  • A software demonstration of how Sage solves your specific issues and the most commonly used functionality within your trade
  • An idea of how others in your industry are using a variety of technology to improve profits
  • The understanding of what it takes from your staff, a sample “go live” timeline & the investment required to implementing a new system (whether it is our or not)
  •  A review of why Sage is the leader & how Sage Construction Solutions are different from competitors