Sage Paperless

Eliminate Paper and Improve Productivity With Sage Paperless

  • Instantly approve invoices and contracts
  • Centralize and electronically store all project information and documents
  • Save time with automated document distribution
  • Streamline all your accounting and project management tasks

Tired of having to search through infinite stacks of paper or deal with unbounded file cabinets to locate essential documents? With Sage Paperless, your construction company will never have to deal with the headaches of a paper chase by eliminating the need for paper with all your accounting or project management tasks!

Sage Paperless Construction is the innovative construction accounting and project management solution that can be fully integrated with your Sage 100 Contractor software. This online software is specifically designed with construction managers in mind, allowing contractors to simplify their processes from the beginning to end of every project, by helping reduce costs, increase workplace productivity, and save time by doing away with the hassle of paper.

Contact Software Consultants today to learn more about how Sage Paperless can equip you with industry-specific project management solutions for your company!