Signs Your Software Isn't Cutting It for Construction

Signs Your Software Isn't Cutting It for Construction

Not long ago, the most popular construction software on the market was a pad and pencil, excel or generic off the shelf accounting software. But as the construction and service industry has evolved rapidly in recent years, so has the need for innovative industry specific technology. From accurate estimating software to cloud-hosting capabilities, state-of-the-art contractor software options make it easier for construction companies to take their information systems and business operations to the next level. 

Did you choose the right software for your construction or service business? 

There are plenty of construction management software options now, and they all have different features. A local construction business with 10 employees and a service department will require significantly different features than those demanded by even a large commercial general contractor.  Most leading construction software’s are similar for 75% of any type or sized contractors needs but the other 25% is unique and often where the “real” value is. 

Here are a few signs your current construction or service management software isn’t quite cutting it.

Your Construction Management Software Needs an Upgrade 

If you can relate to these signs, it’s time to find a contractor software that will accommodate all your construction or service management needs!

1. It Doesn’t Have Automatic Construction Reporting 

No two projects are the same, and no two construction companies ever have exactly the same approach to overseeing their operations, job costs, and project progress. That’s why reporting should be an essential feature of your construction management software. 

It should provide you with detailed, pre-built reports that can be organized by job, job status, phase, date range, cost code, project manager, service technician, customer, etc. 

If you’re unable to access timely & accurate analytics, real-time labor and job costs, and other key performance indicators, your current construction management software simply isn’t up to par. 

2. Accounting & Estimating Aren’t 100% Accurate 

Perhaps the most useful component of any construction management software is the ability to compare estimates to actual costs with precise and timely details to make the right decisions while generating accurately billing and the valuable reports. 

Manual calculations continue to be the source of a variety of estimating and accounting errors, which every project manager knows can prove quite costly when accidentally implemented into the projection of any final costs or expenses. 

3. It’s Not Hosted in the Cloud or Accessible by Everyone

One of the easiest ways to conclude your construction management software needs to be updated is by assessing its cloud-hosting capabilities. For starters, cloud-hosting technology means you can access, share, and edit essential files or spreadsheets from anywhere at any time from any device. 

It also means unparalleled cybersecurity and protection. From a security perspective, cloud hosting should be a borderline mandatory element of any software, specifically providing automatic backups to save and protect all your company’s essential and sensitive data and financial information. 

Even from a cost-saving outlook, cloud-hosting can do wonders for saving your business money through reducing IT services and hardware upgrades – all while providing secure, shareable access to all your files through a streamlined, cloud-based platform. 

4. It Doesn’t Simplify Communication & Connectivity

Keeping all your construction departments connected and in the loop at all times is a top priority for any construction business. The latest types of construction management software feature a wide variety of tools and features to ensure ultimate synergy is experienced for all of your employees no matter where they are at. 

From instant accounting data sharing to immediate scheduling and contract editing, the software you use should simplify communication and connectivity between coworkers and the field – not complicate it. 

Why Quickbooks Users Move to Construction Software

For many construction companies, QuickBooks seems like a convenient option. It allows you to perform some basic accounting, reporting and costing. 

But when looking to manage every aspect of your business actively, Quickbooks doesn’t come close to more innovative software systems like Sage 100 Contractor. With advanced features like job costing, estimating, service management and financial reporting built in, Sage 100 Contractor gives you total control over your operations using one completely integrated tool.  No more excel, going without important construction reports and forms or wondering where your job or work order profits are at or headed. 

Here are just a few of the standard software features for Sage 100 Contractor users that Quickbooks users do not have access to: 

  • Construction WIP, cost to complete & over/under
  • Tracking of "true" labor costs to jobs and cost codes
  • Detailed, Accurate & Timely Job Cost Reporting & Analysis
  • Scheduling, dispatching and managing techs & work orders
  • Improvements to AP invoice scanning, routing & approval processes
  • Automated AIA/Progress Billing
  • Project document creation, tracking and reporting
  • Mobile construction time entry payroll is included
  • Integrated Project Management, Paperless, Service Management

All of these features and dozens more come standard with every Sage 100 Contractor account! 

And best of all, when you work with an authorized Sage Business Partner, your business will have access to hands-on Sage Software Training Services that will enlighten you and your team about the managerial advantages Sage 100 Contractor offers. 

Get Help to Upgrade to Sage 100 Contractor 

At the end of the day, you need construction management software that adheres to all of your daily project and service management needs and tasks. At Software Consultants, our specialty is getting construction companies of all sizes better acquainted with all the construction management advantages Sage 100 Contractor can provide. 

From estimating thru job closeout and every facet of your business operations in between, Sage 100 Contractor is the innovative project and service management software designed for contractors to maximize their potential and productivity. 

If you’re ready to see what Sage 100 Contractor can do for you, contact Software Consultants today to receive a free assessment from our team of Sage 100 Contractor specialists.

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