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Sage 100 Contractor: Customizable Project & Service Management

  • Authorized Sage Business Partner
  • Project & service management software implementation and conversion assistance
  • Easy-to-use small business bookkeeping software solutions
  • Immediate, responsive customer service & information system assistance

Small to mid-sized general contractors need project management software solutions to excel in all aspects of their business. The software you use for your accounting and project management needs should be optimally functional, accessible, and easy to share with all of your other team members.

At Software Consultants, we’ve spent over 20 years helping general contractors take advantage of all the general contractor software advantages Sage 100 Contractor can provide. Contact us today to learn more about how Sage 100 Contractor will help you dominate your industry!

All-in-One General Contractor Management Software

Software Consultants is a certified Sage Business Partner. Our consultants have the necessary experience and training to get your team acclimated to Sage 100’s accommodative features, from better account management to more accurate estimations to custom reporting analytics.

With more than 50,000 small and mid-sized contractors across the country utilizing Sage 100 Contractor software to access and manage critical business and project information, our Sage 100 Contractor specialists are ready to help you master innovative productivity solutions:

  • Automatic bank feeds and invoice sending
  • Integrated payroll management and timecard tracking
  • Mobile service and cloud-hosting operations
  • Electronic document management and sharing
  • Custom, detailed analytical reporting
  • Automatic expense tracking and accurate project estimations
  • 24/7 information system and customer service support

With so many accommodating project management tools and features, it’s easy to see why general contractors around the world trust Sage 100 Contractor to solve problems with business operations. Read our testimonials to see how satisfied previous clients have been with Software Solutions and Sage 100 Contractor information systems!

Why General Contractors Love Sage 100 Contractor

Over 500,000 construction projects are managed with Sage 100 Contractor software every year!

With all the daily tasks and duties contractors are required to oversee and control, many contractors trust and rely on Sage 100 Contractor to help manage every facet of business operations.

When you receive our certified Sage 100 Contractor training services, your contractor company will be equipped with the necessary tools and resources to supervise all phases of your project process, from start to finish. Sage 100 Contractor is software specifically built with all of the following qualities in mind.

Business Oversight

With Sage 100 Contractor, you’ll gain access to renowned visibility and keen insight into all aspects of your company’s performance, allowing you to make better business decisions based on informed, accurate data and information.

Office Management

You don’t have to be stuck inside the office to adequately manage all your accounting or payroll duties. With Sage 100 Contractor mobile services, you can quickly and efficiently manage everything from accounting, finances, job costing, payroll, vendor and subcontractor management, invoices and more, all from your smartphone!

Construction Supervision

When it comes to getting a leg up on your competition, every detail matters. Sage 100 Contractor helps you effectively manage your construction projects with intricate features such as compiling competitive estimates, actively monitoring productivity issues, and tracking all your job costs against budgets, all in real time.

Optimal Customer Service

When you have the ability to fully integrate all dynamics of your company’s service, including dispatch, scheduling, accounting, billing, equipment, and inventory, that’s more time you and your contractor team can focus on delivering the best service possible for all your esteemed clients.

Switch From QuickBooks to Sage 100 Contractor

While many small to mid-sized contractors use QuickBooks to manage their bookkeeping needs, the fact of the matter is they’re missing out on a wide range of innovative estimating, reporting, and project & service management tools. Sage 100 Contractor is the construction accounting software that goes above and beyond the capabilities of what QuickBooks has to offer, equipping users with all the necessary resources to make more informed, accurate, and profitable business decisions.

Whereas QuickBooks is often used for its mere bookkeeping capabilities, Sage 100 Contractor allows for total control on all aspects of project & service management, with standard features including:

  • Customized reports and real-time analytics providing keen insight into making more informed financial decisions
  • All-in-one streamlined operations, granting you instant access to track all your business costs, transactions, and other accounting attributes
  • Audit processing and risk mitigation features designed for granting users enhanced financial foresight over competitors
  • Instantly share important documents, files, spreadsheets, and more with Sage Operations mobile and cloud-hosting capabilities
  • Seamless implementation of Sage 100 Contractor software and 24/7 customer support through Software Consultants team of Sage specialists

See for yourself how Sage 100 Contractor has quickly become one of the most utilized QuickBook Alternatives available on the market!

Contact Software Consultants to Integrate Sage 100 Contractor

The secret to effective accounting and project & service management is only a phone call or mouse click away! When you’re ready to take advantage of the most superior general contractor management software available on the market, contact Software Consultants today to schedule an assessment of our software integration services, or call us at 651-442-3900 to speak directly with one of our Sage 100 Contractor specialists.


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