Sage vs. Sage Intacct Construction Cloud

Construction Cloud Accounting Solutions for Your Business

Why Choose Sage Intacct Construction Cloud?

  • Best in Class Native Cloud Solution
  • Engineered for General Contractors and Real Estate Developers
  • Automated Management of Financial and Operational Metrics
  • Increase Workflow Efficiency and Cash Flow Potential

Take Your Cloud-Hosting Services to the Next Level

On its own, Sage 100 Contractor is the all-in-one construction management software that allows users to effectively oversee and control essentially every facet of their accounting and project management needs. But when it comes to equipping your company with the most renowned cloud-based hosting services to instantly access your Sage software features from essentially anywhere, upgrading to Sage Intacct Construction Cloud is what can provide such an advantage.

What Is Sage Intacct Construction Cloud?

Sage Intacct Construction Cloud essentially works as the all-in-one cloud accounting software solution to efficiently manage all your company’s financial and business operations. It works as a native-cloud construction financial management software, incorporating the unique and informative custom reporting, estimating, and project management services of Sage 100 Contractor, while also offering unparalleled remote access and file-sharing capabilities.

Not having to depend on on-site servers or infrastructure means minimal IT upkeep, as well as never dealing with any issues when it comes to remotely accessing your Sage software system!

At Software Consultants, we’re an authorized Sage Business Partner that specializes in training contractors to utilize all the tools and features Sage software has to offer, while also providing swift integration of Sage software systems. If your construction cloud accounting software could use an upgrade, contact us today to schedule an assessment!

The Sage Intacct Construction Cloud Advantage

Revolutionary, cloud-based technology that allows users to eliminate the headaches and obstacles of remote and mobile software access is what separates Sage Intacct Construction Cloud from Sage 100 Contractor.

While Sage 100 Contractor focuses more on delivering industry-specific reports and analytics to equip you with better business decision making opportunities, Sage Intacct Construction Cloud provides more accessible user dashboards features and intricate KPIs that can instantly be shared and altered amongst clients and team members alike.

Sage Intacct Construction Cloud is intended for contractors who need more collaborative tools at their arsenal, and offers users with distinctive cloud-based resources:

  • Real time budget figures versus actual project data charts, allowing contractors to potentially increase project profit by up to 10 percent.
  • Reduce your manual data entry and save more money on additional overhead the more you scale
  • Automatic spend validation that immediately submits or posts each spending transaction or expense cost against your set budgeting plan
  • Receive real-time financial, managerial, and operational reporting through cloud-based dashboard and data analytics
  • Take advantage of the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry awarded by G2
  • Seamless integration and training services from Software Consultants

Get the Cloud Accounting Software Your Company Deserves

When it comes down to it, the difference between Sage 100 Contractor and Sage Intacct Construction Cloud equates to what your mobile or remote access needs are. With Sage Intacct Construction Cloud, you’ll be equipped with cloud-based accounting software you can depend on to be accessed and shared when you need it the most.

Contact Software Consultants today to learn more about whether Sage 100 Contractor or Sage Intacct Construction Cloud is the right construction accounting software for you, or call us at 651.442.3900 for immediate assistance.