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All-in-One Project Management Software for Construction & Service Businesses

Let Software Consultants Help Manage Your Project With Sage 100 Contractor

  • Authorized Sage Business Partner
  • Certified Sage 100 Contractor Software Training Services
  • Project Management Software Implementation and Conversion Help
  • Over 20 Years as Construction Management Software Consultant

Customize Project Management With a Sage 100 Contractor

Sticking to schedules, staying within budget, keeping track of invoices – the daily duties of essential project management tasks can start to add up very quickly! That’s why you need a project management software that can make overseeing all facets of your contractor responsibilities as easy as clicking a mouse.

At Software Consultants, we specialize in providing businesses with industry-specific project management software solutions like the all-in-one, easy-to-use, Sage 100 Contractor software. With its customizable dashboard, you can effortlessly monitor and manage all components of your past, present, and future projects, with industry-specific reporting and tools that cater toward your exact business needs.

What Project Management Features Do You Need?

As an authorized Sage Business Partner, Software Consultants has over 20 years of experience training and implementing Sage 100 Contractor project management software for local construction companies, real estate agents, and small to mid-size contractors.

No matter what industry your company resides in, Sage 100 Contractor project management software will provide you with the power to:

  • Manage all aspects of your accounting, such as payroll, timesheets, invoices, mobile payments, and more
  • Instantly view and share job reports while tracking labor costs in real time
  • Create more accurate estimates at quicker rates to generate more jobs
  • Utilize the Sage 100 Contractor customizable dashboard to review updated project information and instantly share important documents or files with your project team
  • Receive intricate data and analytic reports to avoid unnecessary expenditures or project delays
  • Track your company’s accounting, inventory, or estimates on your smartphone with Sage Service Operations

Manage Your Projects Better With Sage 100 Contractor & Software Consultants

Whether you’re a one-person team or a full-scale contractor, the success of your business significantly weighs upon how efficient and effective your project management resources are. At Software Consultants, we’ve spent over two decades helping companies get the most out of their project management software services by training and integrating Sage 100 Contractor into their current information systems.

If you’re ready to manage your projects like you’ve never done before, contact Software Consultants today to receive a free assessment of our services, or give us a call at 651.442.3900 to speak directly with one of our Sage 100 Contractor experts.


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