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Every contractor knows how crucial accurate estimation is for rising above the industry competition. With Sage Estimation software, you can take advantage of the most sophisticated pre-construction bidding technology available on the market, helping your company produce faster, more accurate cost estimates to boost your bid-to-win ratio.

Contact Software Consultants today to learn more about how Sage Estimation can provide industry-specific project management solutions for your business!

Reap the Budgeting Benefits of Sage Estimating

At Software Consultants, we understand just how important accurate estimation resources are to ensuring your company makes the right business decisions. That’s why we provide contractors with the necessary tools, training, and integration services to fully utilize all the advantages that Sage Estimating software can provide.

What Is Sage Estimating?

For over 25 years, Sage Estimating has been one of the most trustworthy estimating softwares available on the market. Which is why we’re proud to deliver such advanced and customized estimating solutions to all of the contractor clients we work with.

Whether your company is in need of stand-alone Sage Estimating software or you wish to integrate it into your other Sage 100 Contractor Software services, Software Consultants can help you maximize your estimating potential through a variety of innovative solutions, including:

  • More precise bidding capabilities that better predict final costs and expenses
  • Create faster, more accurate estimates that can create more jobs
  • Receive detailed cost-variance reports to better prepare on future bids
  • Customized spreadsheets with error-checking and cloud-storage technologies
  • Directly implement change order updates into your job or project management budgeting

Benefits of Sage Estimating for Your Contractor Company

Nothing can prove to be more stressful and demanding than trying to create accurate estimations to help your contractor company win more jobs. That’s where Sage Estimating comes into play.

Sage Estimating supplies precise analytical tools and accounting capabilities designed to provide you the ability to automate and streamline the entire estimating process, while taking your current pre-built databases and estimation preferences into account.

Sage Estimating software can help your business engineer the perfect formulas for creating the most accurate estimates possible. This software offers a variety of estimating resources!

Reduced Takeoff Time

Vastly decrease the amount of takeoff time you’re spending using other generic estimating spreadsheets by utilizing the Sage Estimating system, equipping you with the ability to automatically calculate all costs associated with materials, equipment, supplies labor, payroll, and more.

Eliminate Redundancy

Hidden cells, broken formulas, duplicated data entry; no longer will you have to deal with such spreadsheet nuisances when you use Sage Estimating software, so you won’t have to waste time checking for any estimating errors.

Immediate Pricing Adjustments

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can update your system or spreadsheets with any last-minute pricing adjustments, helping you refine your proposals and immediately enhance your estimation strategy.

Cloud-Based Accessibility

With its Microsoft SQL Server database, Sage Estimating is a native-cloud solution to store all your data in one place for faster query access and enhanced security.

Let Software Consultants Upgrade Your Estimation Accuracy Today!

Nothing can help your company lock down more jobs than faster, more efficient project estimates. At Software Consultants, we do whatever it takes to ensure your business is able to create the most accurate estimations possible to help you effectively predict any forthcoming costs and generate detailed expense reporting.

Contact us online to receive a free assessment on Sage Estimating software services, or give us a call at 651.442.3900 for immediate assistance.


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