Sage 100 Contractor Training Services From Software Consultants

Your Sage 100 Contractor Tutorial Resource

  • Online or On-Site Training Sessions From Certified Sage Consultants
  • Data Conversion Services to Expedite Software Implementation
  • Complementary Needs Assessment and Demonstration
  • 24/7 Customer Service Support With Sage University

When it comes to receiving the most experienced and knowledgeable Sage 100 Contractor software training, Software Consultants has you covered! As a local, authorized Sage Business Partner, Software Consultants has over 20 years of Sage software training experience. We’ll provide you and your team with detailed, thorough explanations and demonstrations on how to take advantage of all of Sage 100 Contractor’s project management tools and features.

Our Training Process for Sage 100 Contractor

When you enlist our Sage 100 Contractor training services, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive implementation checklist, outlining a timeline on all of our training sessions below.

Kickoff Meeting

We’ll kick things off by outlining a detailed implementation schedule, allowing our Sage consultants to help you develop a plan that ensures Sage 100 Contractor works specific to your company’s budgeting and scheduling needs.

Needs Assessment & Demonstration

To help everyone get a better grasp of how Sage 100 Contractor can cater to your specific construction or project management needs, we offer a complimentary needs assessment and demonstration to enlighten everyone to all of Sage 100’s features.

Data Conversion Services

To help expedite your implementation process, our data conversion consultants will work directly with you to plot out a time-saving electronic conversion plan. Our team of specialists have experience converting data from QuickBooks, Maxwell & Peachtree conversions, and other bookkeeping or project management softwares.

Customized Training

Whether you’re looking to train virtually or in-person, our Sage 100 Contractor Software Training is flexible to adhere to your needs, to make the process as convenient and cost-effective as possible.

One-on-One Guidance

From the initial kickoff meeting until the second your software goes live, we’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure that no one on your team gets left behind.

Business Process Consulting

Our certified consultants will specifically teach you how to make more informed business decisions, as well as improve procedures, workflow, and efficiency through utilizing all the intricate tools Sage 100 Contractor has to offer.

Custom Reports & Forms

You’ll learn how to generate and access custom reports and form design services, which will grant you access to detailed reporting information that will give you a leg up on the competition.

Crystal Reports® Training

Our professionals will guide you on how to create perfectly formatted, dynamic reports from practically any data source by using Crystal Reports® design.

24/7 Customer Support With Sage University

For complete access to 24/7 customer support for your Sage 100 Contractor software, Sage University provides you with a comprehensive portfolio of customized, industry-specific training solutions. This portfolio helps keep you completely up-to-date with all of Sage 100’s unique features and tools.

Sage University Features

For only $390 a year, enrolling in Sage University will provide you and your entire team with unlimited access to Sage’s Anytime Learning lessons, as well as exclusive contact with the Sage software support team.

A one-year subscription to Sage University grants you access to:

  • Anytime Learning lessons, providing self-paced tutorial videos that can be played, rewinded, and shared at your convenience.
  • Sage-certified instructor-led to provide you with the best learning experience for your team’s software needs and preferences.
  • Become officially Sage-certified once you’ve completed your Sage University lessons and classes.
  • Industry-specific learning packages you can subscribe to in order to stay updated on all the latest Sage estimating, accounting, and project management features that are specifically tailored to your industry.
  • Access and share any of Sage University’s tutorials or lessons with new or incoming employees
  • PDF: Sage University Overview

Call us at 651.442.3900 to learn more about whether enrolling in Sage University is the right move for your business!


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