Sage Field Operations

Streamline Field-to-Office Communication With Sage Field Operations

On-the-Go Construction Project Management Solutions

  • Instantly Share Essential Project Information With All Your Teams
  • Control All Aspects of Your Labor Costs
  • Update Your Teams With Daily Field Report Submissions
  • Seamless Integration With Your Sage 100 Contractor Software

When it comes to managing your company’s construction projects, you need innovative communication services that will keep everyone informed and on the same page, ensuring your projects remain on schedule and within budget. With Sage Field Operations, you can relish the opportunities to access and share critical project information with your field teams, anytime, anywhere, all from the palm of their hands. And best of all, all the acclaimed project management features of Sage Field Operations can be seamlessly integrated into your current Sage 100 Contractor software.

At Software Consultants, we take pride in delivering all the innovative construction management tools Sage Software has to offer, through all of our accommodating Sage Software services. If you feel it’s time to upgrade your company’s field-to-office communications, contact us today to start reaping the project management benefits of Sage Field Operations!

Real-Time Data Equals Real-Time Results

Streamlining the process of field report submission means you can instantly keep your field team in the loop, allowing your project to stay as on track as possible. Sage Field Operations allows for real-time data to be synced instantly, providing your field team with all the latest information and custom reports they need while they’re on-site, without having to wait for any lengthy syncing processes or administrative-approved data posts.

From easy employee or equipment scheduling to keeping labor costs in check, Sage Field Operations is continuously modernizing all facets of project management for today’s contractor world. When you fully integrate Sage Field Operations with Sage 100 Contractor, you can expect to experience all of the following construction management and communication advantages:

  • Enhanced Back-Office Communication: With Sage Field Operations, you’ll never have to experience any delayments in communication amongst your departments. Utilize remote and mobile access to instantly share any essential project information with your on-site team, while executing immediate scheduling orders to ensure the right workers and equipment are available or present when you need them to be.
  • Real-Time Field Reports: Sage Field Operations can help your business create, manage, and share real-time field reports to keep all your teams on the same page. Whether it’s updating weather conditions, scheduling employees and equipment, tracking time or materials, or overseeing any project management factors, Sage Field Operations will help you share real-time field reports to instantly identify any issues, setbacks, or liabilities.
  • Total Labor Cost Control: Labor costs are a major factor to determining a project’s timeline. With Sage Field Operations, you can keep a better eye out for all labor cost factors, granting your employees the ability to punch in and out of work right from their smartphones for more efficient, real-time payroll processing. Sage Field Operations is what can grant you total control over all aspects of your labor cost management.
  • Instant Adaptation to Project Changes: Change is imminent with essentially every construction project. With Sage Field Operations, you can instantly create any necessary change orders on the spot, whether you need any real-time budget updates, contract approvals, or scheduling accommodations, so you can always stay on top of all your project tasks at hand.

The more synchronized all your workers are, the better results you can expect from your team members.

Implement Sage Field Operations With Software Consultants

At Software Consultants, our job is to provide you with all the necessary guidance, resources, and assistance to get you better acquainted with Sage 100 Contractor and all the other Sage project management software systems. Our team of Sage Certified Consultants will be able to swiftly implement Sage Field Operations into your current business operations, while also providing you any needed Sage Software training or software setup help.

Once our support team has fully implemented Sage Field Operations into your Sage 100 Contractor account, you’ll be able to instantly streamline all aspects of your project management tasks, and start reaping the benefits of improved efficiency and maximized profitability!

Superior Construction Management From Sage Field Operations

When you can take advantage of streamlined field-to-office communications, you’ll be providing your field team with the immediate information and resources necessary to achieve all of their construction management goals. If you’re ready to see how integrating Sage Field Operations into your Sage 100 Contractor software can enhance your construction project management process, contact Software Consultants today to start receiving responsive, accommodating Sage Software customer service, or call us at 651.442.3900 for answers to all of your Sage-related questions.


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