Sage Software Training & Implementation Support

Let Software Consultants Upgrade Your Customer Service Resources

  • Over 20 Years as Construction Management Software Consultant
  • Certified Sage Construction Software Training Services
  • Immediate Customer Service and Information System Assistance
  • Thorough Assessments of Your Management Needs

Innovative Solutions for All Your Sage 100 Contractor Needs

Whether you work on-site or in the office, Software Consultants can provide your business with all the Sage Service resources, training, and support you need to help you deliver outstanding customer service to all your clients. Our team of certified Sage 100 Contractor consultants will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your Sage Service Operations are fully integrated and comprehended correctly, to help vastly improve efficiency and communication within your business operations.

What Our Services Include

At Software Consultants, we orchestrate an intricate Sage 100 Contractor implementation process that includes all of the following services:

Industry-Specific Training Tutorials

We will assess your company’s specific business management needs to set up and guide you through a precise training program catering toward your exact goals and objectives.

On-Site or Online Software Demonstration

With our in-person or virtual Sage Services software demonstration, we’ll be able to directly guide you through knowing and understanding all the necessary features pertinent toward improving communications and functionality.

Seamless Integration

With over 20 years of Sage Software experience and knowledge, our certified consultants will fill you in on everything you need to know about Sage Service Operations throughout our 8-12 week implementation process.

Attentive Assistance

Our responsive customer service and information system assistance resources will provide you with immediate resolutions and answers to any of your Sage Software questions or concerns.

We are your premiere source in the Twin Cities for all things relevant to your Sage Software needs. Contact us online to get started on our customized software training and implementation process today!

Why Choose Software Consultants for Sage 100 Contractor Training?

As an authorized Sage Business Partner, Software Consultants has spent over 20 years helping over 1,000 contractors across the country instantly upgrade their information system. We specialize in providing Twin Cities and surrounding-area contractors with only the business management services they need when it comes to accounting, estimating, tracking, distributing, and all things to improve project management efficiency.

When you take advantage of our Sage Software training and implementation services, your business will reap the benefits!

One-on-One Kickoff Meeting

We’ll start things off by meeting directly with you to discuss what you hope to achieve from your Sage Software implementation, as well as identify your company’s exact business management needs, timeline scheduling, and budgeting proposals.

Complimentary Demonstration

Once we’ve had a chance to appropriately review and assess how Sage Software can best address your company’s needs, we’ll provide you with a free demo of how Sage 100 Contractor will enhance your project management capabilities, as well as how we’ll be able to successfully train and implement it into your information system.

Data Conversion Services

Already using payroll or business management software such as QuickBooks, Maxwell, or Peachtree? Our data conversion specialists will be able to immediately convert all previously stored data and information into your new Sage Software system, so you don’t leave any important information left behind.

Custom Reporting & Form Design

We’re proud to offer custom report and form design services to create a template that’s completely applicable to your reporting needs, allowing for enhanced communication and organization amongst your staff.

Get the Sage Software Support Services Your Business Needs!

At Software Consultants, our goal is to do whatever it takes to ensure that your business and team is completely comfortable and trained to utilize our Sage Software services. When you need efficient Sage 100 Contractor implementation and support, contact Software Consultants to receive a free demo of all of our services, or give us a call at 651.442.3900 for more information.


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