Sage Service Operations

Cloud-Based Solutions for Your Construction or Service Company

Manage Your Business From Anywhere with Sage Service Operations

  • Instantly Provide On-Site Service Teams with Essential Documents or Data
  • Streamline All Your Operations From Any Device
  • Improve Communication Between Office Team and Field Employees
  • Access and Share Real-Time Analytics and Custom Reports from Anywhere

Nowadays, it’s possible to have all the necessary tools for optimal accounting, enhanced communication, and project task management, all in the convenient location of your pocket. With Sage Service Operations, you can now equip your contractor company with innovative cloud-based solutions designed to help you keep track and manage all aspects of your company’s expenses and project information, from anywhere, anytime!

As an authorized Sage Business Partner, Software Consultants is your source for successfully implementing Sage Service Operations into your Sage 100 Contractor account or your company’s current information system. Contact us today for a free assessment on all of our Sage Software services!

Seamless Field-to-Office Communications with Sage Service Operations

With Sage Service Operations, you’ll be able to simplify all your service and business operations while streamlining all your contractor projects from start to finish. This revolutionary web-based app will better connect your office team with field technicians, helping deliver the critical, real-time information they need to produce top quality work and achieve maximum profitability.

With Sage Service Operations, you can now access every project management detail from any web browser or mobile device, granting you instant insight into work order updates, invoice statuses, employee schedules, job assignments, and much more. Other exclusive tools and standard features of Sage Service Operations include:

  • Instantly manage and track job statuses, work orders, contracts, service level agreements (SLAs) and more
  • Access schedules and assign work to technicians from any mobile device
  • Oversee all facets of your inventory and equipment management
  • Ensure trucks or transportation services are on-schedule and properly stocked
  • Create, share, and follow-up on quotes or contracts
  • Share status reports from the office team to on-site workers and clients
  • Monitor all billing and invoice statuses from one customizable user dashboard
  • Enhance customer service capabilities by offering clients immediate access to their account information and instantly submit service requests
  • Reduce paperwork and administrative overhead by accessing information and completing work orders via your mobile device

How Does Sage Mobile Work?

If you’re already utilizing Sage 100 Contractor software, it’s easy to think of Sage Service Operations as an on-the-go extension to accessing and utilizing all the accounting features you know and love.

The Sage Service Operations app is ideal for contractors and small business owners looking for dependable mobile or remote access to a variety of financial information, ranging from sending invoices to expense tracking to estimation reports and so much more. You’ll be able to oversee all jobs and projects taking place within your region, utilizing the Dispatch Map feature, offering you the ability to regionally organize work orders or even viewing where your employees are located in relation to any of your site locations. Plus, with its intricate mobile responsive design, Sage Service Operations is accessible from essentially any wireless or mobile device, even if your smartphone has limited screen size capabilities.

Be sure to check out of all our Sage Software Services to see how our support team can accommodate all your general contractor software needs.

Sage Service Operations Assistance from Software Consultants

When you need on-the-go project management software solutions, Software Consultants is your resource for integrating Sage Service Operations into your current information or telecommunications system! Contact us today to learn more about how Sage Service Operations can improve your workplace efficiency, or call us at 651.442.3900 for immediate assistance.


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