Sage vs. Accumatica

Which Is the Best ERP System for Your Business?

Why Contractors Choose Sage 100 Contractor

  • Accounting, Estimating, and Billing Software, All in One Place
  • Innovative User Dashboard With Construction-Specific Reports and Data
  • Remote and Mobile Access to All Your Financial Records and Information
  • Customer Support Courtesy of Software Consultants

ERP Software Solutions for Your Small Business

In today’s competitive world, small and mid-sized contractors need an industry-specific ERP software platform that can streamline all their business operations while creating personalized financial solutions to maximize profitability.

When it comes to comparing ERP software platforms, Sage 100 Contractor and Acumatica are two leading construction management softwares that offer contractors innovative solutions to all their project management needs. However, only one of these ERP systems provides users with the complete package for equipping contractors with the most innovative tools and analytics to completely streamline all your business operations, all on one screen.

Sage vs. Acumatica

While Acumatica and Sage 100 Contractor share plenty of software services, such as complete accounting and inventory management features, only Sage 100 Contractor proficiently streamlines all facets of your project management operations into an easy-to-use, one-stop-shop for accessing and controlling every essential business detail.

At Software Consultants, we boast over 20 years of experience in training contractors and their teams on how to effectively use and take advantage of all the beneficial project management tools available through Sage 100 Contractor. We’ll work fast and efficiently to completely integrate Sage 100 Contractor software into your company’s current information system, so you can make more informed and aware business decisions to maximize your profitability and generate more jobs.

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Your All-in-One ERP Software System

Whereas Acumatica specializes in providing more financial management software services for industries such as manufacturing, distribution, professional services, and retail, Sage 100 Contractor goes above and beyond, streamlining all aspects of your accounting, estimating, budgeting, payroll, and other essential business operations.

With its intricate user dashboard, you’ll immediately gain access to custom industry-specific reports, providing detailed data and analytics that allow you to make more precise and accurate financial decisions.

Sage 100 Contractor Features

More than 50,000 businesses across the U.S. choose Sage 100 Contractor as their premier ERP software system, equipping them with essential project management tools:

  • Real time budget figures versus actual project data charts, allowing contractors to potentially increase project profit by up to 10 percent.
  • Key performance metric reporting on job costs, vendor commitments, potential changes, submittals, material or product data, and more
  • All-in-one user dashboard to instantly monitor and manage up-to-the-minute accounting and project management data
  • Detailed project management pages for organizing and accessing vital contractor information ranging from scope descriptions, estimates, contracts, budgeting, buyout commitments, billing, correspondence, submittals and other progress reports
  • Instantly access and share important documents, files, spreadsheets, and more, with Sage mobile and cloud-hosting services
  • Generate free quotes or estimates for potential projects on the spot
  • Comprehensive data backup storage and innovative cyber security protection
  • One-on-One customer service support from Software Consultants

Upgrade Your ERP Software System with Sage 100 Contractor

At the end of the day, you need an ERP software system that works as hard as you do to ensure that every facet of your business operations is accounted for and properly managed. Software Consultants is an authorized Sage Business Partner that specializes in helping you and your business team master all the unique and advantageous project management features Sage 100 Contractor can provide, allowing you to get a much needed leg up on the competition.

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