Procore Integration

Save Time and Labor With Procore and Sage 100 Contractor Integration

Keep Your Accounting and Project Teams in Sync Through Procore Integration

  • Enhance Communication Between Accounting and Project Management Teams
  • Real-Time Cost Information Updates
  • Streamline Approval Processes of Essential Tasks
  • Eliminate Manual or Double Data Entry During Data Transferring

Looking to reduce time and labor costs while simultaneously upgrading communications between your office staff and field teams? With Procore and Sage 100 Contractor integration services from Software Consultants, you can instantly upgrade the connection between your accounting and project management departments! Procore is an innovative, comprehensive cloud-based construction software project management platform that’s completely compatible with Sage 100 Contractor services.

By taking advantage of superior streamlined communication access and resources, all your company’s team members can instantly access essential financial data that will help you make more informed, accurate business decisions. And with Software Consultants serving as your trustworthy, Midwestern authorized Sage Business Partner, you can count on us for swift implementation of Procore into your current Sage 100 Contractor operating system. Contact us today to schedule a free assessment of all of our Sage Software services!

Cloud-Based Construction Software for All Your Project Management Needs

When you can improve the connection of your accounting and project management teams, you can provide your contractor business with the necessary clarity and confidence to make more aware and enlightened financial decisions.

Procore is the all-in-one construction management software that, when successfully integrated with Sage 100 Contractor, can eliminate any instances of unnecessary data double-entry, while giving on-site project managers immediate access to crucial job costing and estimating information when out of the office. To put simply, Procore and Sage 100 Contractor are the construction management software team that works together to reduce risk and maximize profitability.

Procore and Sage 100 Contractor integration can offer you all of the following project management and accounting benefits:

  • Streamline all your project management and accounting tasks using Procore’s easy-to-use cost side integration feature with Sage 100 Contractor
  • Synchronize cost data for all your construction projects in one accessible location
  • Reduce time and possible human error by removing any need for manual, double-entry when transferring data from Procore to Sage.
  • Gain total, real-time visibility into the financial health and prosperity of your construction projects
  • Manage your costs and expenses from anytime, anywhere through cloud-based technologies
  • Automatically sync financial data to better manage and oversee all of your commitments, actual costs, change orders, etc.
  • Link, change, or create a Sage 100 Contractor vendor and ID with matching company records in Procore's business directory
  • Import any Sage 100 Contractor estimates into any of your existing Procore projects

Connecting Procore and Sage 100 Contractor With Software Consultants

As a nationwide authorized Sage Business Partner, Software Consultants will work with your Procore point of contact to implement the software into your current information system, as well as synchronize its features and services with Sage 100 Contractor.

Once we’ve successfully integrated Procore and Sage 100 Contractor for you, your business can take advantage of our 20+ years of Sage Software experience, with our support team of Sage Certified Consultants available to answer all of your construction software-related questions. Before you know it, you’ll be able to access and act upon real-time financial analytics and custom reports, allowing your contractor business to reach its full potential!

Procore and Sage 100 Contractor Integration From Software Consultants

When you want the best of both worlds in regards to optimal construction software performance, we’re here to help! Contact Software Consultants today to take advantage of all of our Sage-related services, or give us a call at 651.442.3900 for immediate assistance from one of our certified Sage consultants.