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When it comes to managing your concrete or paving jobs, you want a concrete project management software that works just as hard as you and your team does. At Software Consultants, we specialize in integrating Sage 100 Contractor software into your company’s information system, so you can streamline all facets of your accounting and business operations with one, easy-to-use project management software.

Once we fully train and seamlessly integrate Sage 100 Contractor into your company’s current bookkeeping system and cybernetics, you’ll be able to take advantage of streamlining all your project management needs, from accounting, to estimating, to inventory, to analytics, and beyond. Contact Software Consultants today to receive a free demo!

The Sage 100 Concrete Management Software Advantage

From tracking leads to projecting labor costs, there are practically infinite dynamics to concrete and paving project management that contractors need to oversee and control to make the best business decisions possible. With Sage 100 Contractor, you can instantly access and manage every facet of your business operations needs, whether you’re in the office or on-site.

Your customizable user dashboard serves as a one-stop-shop for receiving real-time industry-specific reports. This not only grants you keen insight into all your project statuses, but also makes it possible to export budgets, proposals, subcontracts, and purchase orders instantly, all in one place.

Sage 100 Contractor Features for Concrete & Paving Companies

After our team of Sage 100 Contractor software professionals fully train you and your staff on how to take advantage of all the intricate tools and resources Sage 100 Contractor has to offer, you’ll be able to take your business to the next level!

Sage 100 Contractor features allow you to:

  • Streamline all accounting, payroll, invoicing, and general ledger functions on your user dashboard
  • Manage and change your inventory, materials or equipment tracking, and staff scheduling with the touch of a button or click of a mouse
  • Instantly generate accurate estimates and send out proposals or contractors to clients
  • Easily transfer all information from QuickBooks or previously used spreadsheets into your Sage 100 Contractor account
  • Remotely access and share any vital business documents, files, or spreadsheets via mobile and cloud-hosting services
  • 24/7 customer support and assistance from Software Consultants

As an authorized Sage Business Partner, Software Consultants is your local resource for all training, support, and software setup services regarding Sage 100 Contractor software.

Why More Concrete Contractors Are Investing in Sage 100 Contractor

Inaccurate estimations, labor costs, or budget proposals can prove costly for your concrete and paving business. With Sage 100 Contractor, you can rest assured that every aspect of your company’s finances can be monitored and managed with extreme precision.

With Sage 100 Contractor, you can bid better, generate more leads, and create more jobs to maximize profitability. You’ll be able to spend more time away from the office while adhering to all your on-site project tasks with automated accounting and project management features!

Detailed Budgeting

Receive more accurate estimating reports to better determine budgeting projections for labor, equipment, and materials, so you can oversee all your job costs from the beginning of a project, until the very end.

Streamlined Services

When you can streamline all your files, reports, and data into Sage 100 Contractor, you can drastically reduce the amount of time you devote to manually recording or uploading all accounting, payroll, or contractual information, saving you plenty of time that can be spent on managing your current jobs.

Custom Reporting

Sage 100 Contractor is capable of self-generating hundreds of industry-specific reports related to your concrete or paving business, granting you keen insight on advantageous analytics that will result in making more informed business decisions.

Complete Collaboration

With Sage 100’s mobile and cloud-hosting features, you’ll be able to instantly access or share important documents, files, or spreadsheets with clients or team members from practically anywhere in the world, all from your smartphone!

Be sure to read our testimonials to get a better picture on exactly how Sage 100 Contractor can enhance your concrete or paving company’s project management potential!

Contact Software Consultants For All Your Sage 100 Contractor Needs

With over two decades of experience in training and integrating Sage 100 Contractor into our contractor customers’ information systems, Software Consultants is your premier local resource for equipping you with all the resources and tools Sage 100 Contractor software can provide.

If you’re looking to see how Sage 100 Contractor can enhance your concrete and paving company’s project management capabilities, contact us today to schedule an assessment, or call us at 651.442.3900 for immediate assistance.


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